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Rise and Grind: Hart BJJ, Boxing and MMA in Conshohocken now offers 6 am classes!

Rise and Grind:

Hart BJJ, Boxing and MMA in Conshohocken now offers 6 am classes!


      Rise and Grind! Hart Jiu Jitsu, Boxing and MMA now offers more morning time classes. In addition to the 7:00am classes on Monday and Wednesdays, Hart’s now offers a 6 am class on Thursdays. This is a mixed level class that allows for members from both the Basics program and the Advanced program to come in and get their BJJ fix before going to work. Taught by the one and only Coach Phil, this class is perfect for members looking to get a good work out in before heading to the office.

      If you are even slightly interested in attending these classes, please come in and give it a shot. You will be surprised how much better the workday feels after spending some time in the morning exercising, learning Jiu Jitsu and rolling.  You will feel your morning stress melt away with the first arm lock of the day.

      We’ve had a fantastic turnout for the first couple classes 6 am. Let’s make round 2 even better. Come out on Thursday at 6 am and give single legs and eggs a chance! You will love the feeling of rising and exercises both your body and your mind. See you bright and early and ready for some Jiu Jitsu!

How’s your hygiene at Hart BJJ, Boxing and MMA?

How’s your hygiene at Hart BJJ, Boxing and MMA?

We at Hart Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Boxing and MMA are dedicated to providing you with a clean training environment. We need your help to do so. Please familiarize yourself with the following tips to keep yourself and our facility safe and sanitary.

Prior to training…

Do not train if you have a virus,  infection or a fungus.

Do not shave just prior to training as this can leave your vulnerable to skin infections.

Be sure your finger and toe nails are trimmed and cleaned.

Freshen your breath and your body.

Sanitize your hands.

Wear laundered clothing and Gi’s to training.

Seal or cover your broken skin. Do not train with an open wound.

Wear a rash guard, even underneath the Gi.

While training…

Wear sandals or some form of footwear when off the mat.

ALWAYS wear footwear in the restroom.

Alert an instructor if there is blood on the mat so it can be properly sanitized.

After training…

Wash your hands.

Hit the showers as soon as possible. Lather! Rinse. Include your feet ;). Bonus tip, at the end of your shower, let the water run cold over your skin to close your pores.

Wash your training clothes promptly after every use.

Wash your braces and joint supports.

Do not leave sweaty clothing in your gym bag or your car.

Dry and sanitize your equipment. Gym bags, mouth guards, shin guards, ear guards, gloves etc.

Inspect yourself for skin irritations and infections. If you suspect you may have an infection, notify Harts and seek medical attention.  Do not train if you have an infection or a fungus.


Hart Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Belt Promotions Announcement

Hart Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Belt Promotions Announcement

March 25, 2017

Warm ups: 11:30 am,  Start time: 12 noon

Please note, this list has been updated and may or may not be final 😉

Keep training hard and smart.

Purple Belt

Yin Yin Chan

Joe Mongan

Caroline Stutz

Blue Belt

Julia Kelly

Chris Bruno

Kevin Magrann

Sean Fleming

Geoff Burke

Matt Roumaya

Vadim Kharaz

Lee Pharo-Frank

Please be well hydrated and well fed!

A little note from Coach Courtney…

        The date for promotions at Hart BJJ, Boxing and MMA in Conshohocken is set for March 25th! Several of our teammates will be tested physically and mentally for their new belts.  The promotions will start at noon with the infamous stand up portion.  Get ready for some FUN!

The men and women on this list have proven they are ready for the next level by their hard work and dedication to training.  All of the coaches in the academy know they are ready, so what’s the point of the rigorous promotions we are known for? In my opinion, this grueling day is for the people being promoted to prove to themselves they are ready for the next step.  Let’s face it,  every match with a fresh opponent is a chance to prove to yourself how strong you are, how determined you are, how hard you’ve worked, and how much you want the next belt.  Jiu Jitsu is a mental game and promotions are a mental test. And we all know that it is hard to use strength when you are exhausted. That feeling you get after several back to back matches, where your arms get tired, your legs hurt, your breathing is out of control… it conquers you or you conquer it. These are all instances where you have to rely on techniques over strength. This is where your mental toughness is proven!

Also, let’s face it, it is loads of fun for your teammates to show you how much they love you with some heavy shoulder pressure or knee on belly! So, even if your name is not on the list, leave March 25th open in calendars! It is a fun day to share with your Hart BJJ family 🙂

Gi’s 4 GI’s: Using Jiu Jitsu to Improve Lives for our returning Servicemen and Women

Gi’s 4 GI’s: Using Jiu Jitsu to  Improve Lives for our returning Servicemen and Women 


Anyone who is involved in the jiu jitsu community knows the “power” of jiu jitsu.  It is more than just an amazing workout where you learn cool techniques and roll around with your teammates.  Yes, that is what we do on the mats, but what we gain from jiu jitsu and martial arts in general is much deeper.  We gain a sense of community, friendship and camaraderie.  As a youth instructor I often say, that I teach confidence through jiu jitsu to kids.  The same thing is true for adults.  Jiu jitsu provides an outlet for people to learn about themselves, learn about others and, of course, learn jiu jitsu.


In 2015 Brian Crandell, went a step farther, and realized that jiu jitsu not only has the power to change lives, it also has the potential to  save lives.  In 2015 Brian Crandell began Gi’s 4 GI’s.  According to the Gi’s 4 GI’s mission statement, their objective is to help active duty military members, veterans, and first responders cope with the stress of their jobs.  Gi’s for GI’s collects new or gently used gis and distributes them to servicemen and women to begin or continue their jiu jitsu journey.  The goal is that these service members who receive gis will use jiu jitsu as a  form of therapy to help them cope with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Traumatic Brain Injuries, depression, anxiety, and a host of other ailments that have led to an ever increasing number of veteran suicides.

These men and women have served our country, now we have the opportunity to do something for them.  The number one mission of this organization is to give uniforms to GI’s.  So, if you have a gi that no longer fits or you simply don’t wear, please bring it into Hart BJJ, Boxing and MMA in Conshohocken.  If you do not have a gi to donate, that is ok, there are other ways to help. You can go to the Gi’s 4 GI’s website, http://www.gis-4-gis.com, and donate.  There is also merchandise for purchase.  They sell patches, t-shirts and window decals. Any contribution is greatly appreciated.  You can also follow this awesome organization on Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Gis4GIsFoundation.

You all know the camaraderie we feel as a team here, help these active servicemen and women who are returning from duty and missing that feeling.  Help us to give them a chance to become a part of this amazing jiu jitsu culture that we have all come to love.  Your monetary donation  or donation of a gi will go a long way.  So go through your drawers, clean out your closet, and find your old gis.  That old gi will change a life.

Kids BJJ Promotions at Hart BJJ, Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts

Kids BJJ Promotions at Hart BJJ, Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts


Saturday January 21, 2017  9am   

What you need to know!

       Our ranking system for youth belts in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is as follows: white (all ages), grey (<7), yellow (7+), orange (10+) and green (13+).  A green belt is the highest rank possible for a youth martial arts under the age of 16 in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  When a green belt turns 16, he/she is awarded his/her blue belt.  Youth belts, like adult belts, earn degrees.  Each belt has the potential to earn up to 4 degrees.
       Students, I know you may have some questions about what to expect on the 21st.  Here is an idea, Yellow belts, get ready to run the warm ups. After the warm ups, students will demonstrate certain techniques in front of the instructors and their families.  Here are some examples: breakfall, stand-in-base, sprawl, shrimping, trap and roll, bump sweep, armlock, and 2 takedowns.  Remember, these are just a few of the techniques we want demonstrated, not all of them. Next, everyone’s favorite part, sparring! This portion of promotions is incredibly rigorous, yet fun for our students.  We try to push their limits while making them tired.  Why? Because when a student is tired he/she can no longer use strength to overpower an opponent, but rather has to use technique.
       PARENTS! How should students prepare for the upcoming promotions? First, attend as many classes as your schedule allows in the upcoming weeks until promotions. Next, it is important for parents, talk about Jiu Jitsu with your kids at home.  If you have the space, practice at home with your kids. Encourage as much fun with Jiu Jitsu as possible over the next couple months.  Classes will pick up in pace, so it important to keep the fun in Jiu Jitsu without pressure of success.  As coaches, we know your kids are ready for the next level! They do not need any pressure added to the 21st.  Rather, help us build up their confidence.  If you feel like your son/daughter might need an extra push getting ready for promotions, speak with Coach Courtney about Jiu Jitsu.  These 30-45 minute lessons will help to get your son/daughter sharper and more prepared for promotions.  Finally, the week leading up to promotions, make sure your son/daughter is hydrated and well rested.  This will make a huge difference as well as having your son/daughter drink at least 2 glasses of water before coming into the academy.  Also, make sure they eat a good breakfast.  You are more than welcome to bring healthy, energy providing snacks for them on promotion day.  (***Please, do NOT bring peanut or tree nuts!  See the list below for some snack ideas.)
      Promotions will be an exciting day! You all have wonderful, talented and dedicated kids.  The coaching staff at Hart Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Boxing and MMA is very excited for the 21st.  Your kids are ready for the challenge 🙂
Healthy Snack ideas:
Low-sugar, high-fiber granola bars
String Cheese
Apple Sauce
Cliff protein bars for kids
Veggies (carrots, snap peas, celery, etc)
Rice cakes












BJJ Yellow Belt degrees:

Hunter- 1

Gody- 1

Augustin- 1

Evan- 1

Desmond- 1

Calin- 1

Gavin- 1

Oliva – 1

Frankie- 1

Willie- 1

Susanna – 1

Charlotte- 1

Caydi- 1

Dylan- 2

Julia- 2

Martha- 2

BJJ Grey Belt degrees:


Rowan- 1

Cici- 1

Brooklyn- 1

Zach- 1

BJJ White Belt degrees:

Carter- 2

Logan- 2

Chase- 2

David- 2

Roshan- 2

Frea- 3

Avery- 2

Carson- 2

Miles- 2

Niki- 1

JUDO at Hart Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Boxing and MMA, Conshohocken.

JUDO at Hart Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Boxing and MMA, Conshohocken.

The second most popular sport in the world is now offered at Hart BJJ, Boxing and MMA!

Starting tomorrow, Judo will offered on a weekly basis at Hart BJJ, Boxing and MMA in Conshohocken! 2nd Degree judo blackbelt, Marius Enache will be teaching this incredible judo program. Marius’s tactical Judo approach is well versed in sport, as well as self defense and mma settings.  If you do not not know about Judo, let me explain it to you, and how it will be beneficial to every member of  the team. Judo is a martial art starting from the feet that uses balance, power and movement to throw an opponent onto his/her back.  Once on the ground Judo practitioners use control or submissions to subdue their opponent. Like jiu jitsu and other martial arts, Judo requires a high amount of mental toughness to become skilled.  Although if you first walk into a judo class, you might be surprised to know that Judo is about gentleness. The word judo consists of two Japanese characters, ju, which means “gentle”, and do, which means “the way”.


So how will having a solid, well taught and exciting Judo class at Hart Martial Arts in Conshohocken, help?  In many ways.  The first and most obvious is that having a solid series of takedowns is key to success jiu jitsuJiu Jitsu competitions start with competitors on their feet, and knowing some judo throws is a big advantage.  Second, Judo practice is incredibly rigorous and physically demanding.  According to World Judo Today, practicing Judo will increase explosiveness, agility, flexibility, dynamic and static balance, endurance, and overall strength.  Next, Judo, teaches how to control an opponent on the ground.  Having the knowledge of how to pin and quickly submit an opponent in valuable in jiu jitsu as well as in self defense.  Finally, Judo offers us the chance to learn a new martial art and expand our knowledge as overall martial artists.  This is important for keeping the eager, knowledge-loving, white belt mentality.  Because when it comes to Judo, we are all beginners.  I hope to see everyone on the mats tomorrow to welcome Coach Marius to Hart Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts.

Email us today to learn more about our Judo, BJJ and Mixed Martial Arts training in Conshohocken at Harts.

Team Work makes the Dream Work. Multiple BJJ Academies come together HUGE 62k Plus result!

Team Work makes the Dream Work

Congratulations to all the competitors who helped to raise over $62K for the Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Network

On Saturday, October 22, Team Hart had 10 of its members compete in the charity tournament, Tap Cancer Out.  The tournament raised over $62K for the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network, which was double their original goal!! Team Hart played an important role in this, with 10 people competing and raising money for this awesome event! The tournament ran smoothly because our competitors were ready to compete and we had ample coaches out to divide and conquer.  Thank you to Coach Hart, Coach Chris R, Coach Johnny and Coach Chris for supporting our competitors on and off the mat.  Also big thank you to everyone who finished competing but kept warm to help their teammates get ready for their matches! And a big thank you to Coach Heather for running the recovery workout Friday night! And of course a big Thank you to Coach Phil for holding down the fort in Conshohocken!

Another really important part of why Saturday was such a success was the number of teammates who came out to support.  We had 10 competitors and over 10 team members who came out to cheer and watch their teammates compete. Having the support of your team behind you makes all the difference when it comes time to step out on the mat.  So a special thank you to the those individuals whom made the journey to come out and support! As you guys can see the success of the competitors was in their jiu jitsu and in the power of the team!

Team Hart did very well overall! Our competitors earned 2 gold medals, 3 silver medals, and 1 bronze medal! Congratulations you all worked hard and earned those medals! 

So, what if you didn’t win? What if your match or matches didn’t go the way you planned? If you compete often enough, this will happen to you.  Your mindset is what makes all the difference when it comes to “loosing”.

There is a famous quote by Carlos Gracie that sums up how to look at your matches from the tournament. It goes like this, “There is no losing in jiu jitsu. You either win or you learn.”  So, how does this work? If your match didn’t go well on Saturday, analyze it.  Where did I make a mistake? What can I do differently so that I do not make that mistake again? And repeat these questions as often as needed until you figure out how to approach your next match. There is no place better to learn about your jiu jitsu than a tournament. And honestly, I’ve learned more about my jiu jitsu from loosing in tournaments that from winning in tournaments.  If you need help analyzing your match, and it is taped, bring it into the gym. Coach Hart, Coach Phil, Coach Johnny, Coach Chris or myself can help you break it down and show you how to improve.  We all want you all to continue to grow and learn from this experience.

All this being said, if you have the smallest desire to compete, do it.  You will learn a lot about yourself and your jiu jitsu.  You will win or you will learn.  Both sound like great options for everyone :).

PS: Read The Mental Edge by Kenneth Baum, it will help you to turn a loss into a gain.

Kids Jiu Jitsu in Conshohocken – Munchkin Mat Take Over! :)

Conshohocken kids Jiu Jitsu at Hart BJJ and Mixed Martial Arts – The Munchkin Mat Take Over


The kids are taking over the mats everyday now at Hart Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Boxing and MMA

Do you know any kids between the ages of 4 and 14 who could benefit from jiu jitsu training?  At Hart Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Boxing and MMA, we now offer kids classes 5 days a week! Our classes promote self-confidence, a healthy lifestyle, and self defense.  Your son or daughter will learn Gracie Jiu Jitsu from qualified instructors while having a great time learning.  If you have a child or know a child who could benefit from Jiu Jitsu, contact Hart Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Boxing and MMA.

Schedule your son or daughter’s first jiu jitsu class and come join us for the fun! Your son or daughter will be surrounded with other fun-loving, coachable students, who will become their “jiu jitsu family”.  If you want your son or daughter to be a part of an incredible team, striving to attain their goals through hard work and harder fun, contact Hart BJJ, Boxing and MMA today!!

Be our guest for a FREE Kids Class soon! Contact us now! 

Why Limit Yourself to Tapping your Friends? When you can also help to Tap Cancer Out alongside the BJJ Community!

Why Limit Yourself to Tapping your Friends? When you can also help to Tap Cancer Out! 

To the outsider, jiu jitsu may seem like an individual’ martial art and sport, but without the team there is no success. Yes, jiu jitsu is an individual journey. Everyone starts at different times, learns at different paces, attends classes that meet the individual’s schedule. But despite all this, jiu jitsu is not an individual cause.  To be a good jiu jitsu player, you have to first be a good team player.  Here at Hart Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Boxing and MMA, we all know that.  We learn from the example of our coaches, and they prove that it is a team here.  As many of you know, there is upcoming local charity tournament. It is the trifecta of perfect circumstances.  One, it is local.  The Tap Cancer Out tournament is in Downingtown, PA.  A short 40 minute drive from Conshohocken.  Two, all the proceeds from the tournament go to the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network.  Three, we have several teammates competing in this great charity event/ tournament.

Why is this trifecta so awesome? It offers every member of Hart’s the opportunity to show their support for their teammates who are putting it all on the line to go out onto the mats and showcase their skills.  How?  Four simple ways.  First, team members you can go to the Hart’s FB group and donate money to help your teammates reach their fundraising goals.  Second, on October 22nd you can make the short trip to Downingtown and cheer for your teammates as they compete.  Third, and most importantly, you can show up to as many classes as possible between now and October 22nd to help your teammates prepare for battle.  Being a consistent and good training partner for your teammates as they draw near a tournament is incredibly important for their success.  You need to bring your “A-game” and be ready to work hard and push a tough pace to get them ready for competition speed.  That being said, as a teammate approaches a tournament his/her safety is first and foremost.  Your submission is NEVER more important than your training partner.  This is just amplified as a teammate prepares for a tournament.  The final way you can show your support for your teammates may sound silly, but it is INCREDIBLY important.  Show your confidence in them and smile.  Your teammates will be stressed as the competition date draws nearer.  Every time you step on the mat is a chance for you to help them remember why they love jiu jitsu and why they are competing.

So between now and October 22nd we non-competitors also have our work cut out for us.  We need to show support to our fellows who are showing their courage and kindness.  They are competing to help raise money and awareness for the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network.  In the words of Val Worthington, “Jiu jitsu can be a force for good.”  Demonstrate your goodness by donating to your teammates pages, coming out to support them and by bringing your “A-game” and smiles to every class!