Judo Training

Judo training at Hart Jiu Jitsu, Boxing and MMA in Conshohocken PA. This is the perfect class for any practitioner of BJJ, Judo, Sambo, Wrestling , MMA, or any type of martial art, trying to improve their stand up game quickly and effectively!

This practice is once a week and Coach Marius Enache takes you through a specially laid out curriculum with a custom technique system that ensures your training is accelerated without skipping vital details. The goal for this practice is that you LEARN AND RETAIN carefully chosen techniques to confidently and effectively use in self defense or daily training.

  • Teaches basics techniques for live grappling sessions.
  • Boot camp class focused on repetition & specific movements.
  • Build muscle memory and proper development.
  • Learn grip fighting, throws, sweeps, footwork and body positioning.

  • Adds to & refines techniques learned in Phase 1.
  • Build effectiveness, reaction and timing skills.
  • Conditions the body with martial arts drills and sparring.
  • Get a more realistic feel for situational and live training.

  • A  step-by-step approach to building a super solid strategy of attack and defense
  • Learn new techniques & add to your grappling repertoire.
  • Get you ready & confident for any situation in your stand up grappling for competition, hobby or self defense.