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What’s new at Hart BJJ, Kickboxing and MMA?

          Conshohocken! What’s new at Hart BJJ, Boxing and MMA?

We are happy to announce that we have recently acquired more space for activities, through our merger with CrossFit Ravenous and Ravenous Athletic Develpoment.  Coming soon we will have additional class times, additional mat space and more opportunities for Strength and Conditioning, Kickboxing, Mixed Martial Arts ( MMA ), Brazilian Jiu Jitsu ( BJJ ) and Training For Warriors ( TFW ).

Stay tuned to the newsletter for more information on…

TFW: 8 week programs,  (Parents) TFW during the Kids Classes! CrossFit, Olympic Lifting, Earlier advanced BJJ training times, Workshops, Seminars and MORE!

Contact us for more information:   info@hartbjj.com


Promotion Day Information and Tips on How to Prepare

Promotion Day Information and Tips on How to Prepare

Congratulations to those being promoted on May 14th!

Here’s what you need to know about promotion day.

All Adult classes are cancelled on May 14, 2016.

Kids class will be held at regular time.

Warm up starts promptly at 11:30.

If you’re hammer or the nail, get in for a solid warm up. As you know, it will be a long training day.

Drink adequate amounts of water in the 72 hours leading up to Saturday!

By adequate we mean, no less that a half gallon or gallon of water per day. When you wake up on Saturday, pound a couple pints of water to prepare.

Cultivate energy in the coming week.

We encourage you to keep moving but there is little to no reason to train hard and much less risk injury. Drilling is welcome, work on details, know your game. Eat nutrient rich foods including carbs. Get 8 hours of sleep as many nights as you can.

Attn: Students and Parents,

Please pay for what you take from the fridge at Harts,

encourage siblings to share and maybe this will cut down

on the amount of floaters we have after class.

Thank you

Boxing Quick Fit at Hart Jiu Jitsu, Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts in Conshohocken.

 Boxing Quick Fit at Hart Jiu Jitsu, Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts in Conshohocken.

Starts JUNE! Act Now!

Pressed for time? Want to get a quick, high paced, body blasting workout to get tone and further your fitness for summer!   Try our new Quick Fit Boxing at Hart’s in Conshohocken, PA.  Hart’s is located at 1050 Colwell Lane, (suite 4 with Crossfit Ravenous, in the back)

If you are in need of a quick way to get in shape and burn a ton of calories to get in some awesome shape, come try our 3 week boxing fitness class! You will be happy to complete this short committed boxing fitness camp!

Only 4 days a week, 45 mins each day  and you will be in some prime shape for summer!  Starting JUNE 2015!

Inquire HERE at HARTBJJ.com and we can help you enroll now for June!


12 classes x $5 a class = $60 only! We also have an additional discount for Hart Members!

You have the opportunity with Hart’s Quick Fit Boxing to:

  • Lose Weight
  • Get Tone and Ripped
  • Build Muscle and lose unwanted fat
  • Boost Cardio and Strength
  • Build Functional Strength and Muscular endurance
  • Be surrounded with Motivated and supportive team members
  • and much more!


Conshohocken Muay Thai Kickboxing Training at Hart BJJ, Boxing and MMA.

Conshohocken Muay Thai Kickboxing Training at Hart BJJ, Boxing and MMA.
Hart’s has added another great addition to our vast Martial Arts Training schedule, with our new Muay Thai Kickboxing class. Our fundamental kickboxing class will get you comfortable with striking with your hands, elbows, feet, knee’s and legs, while getting you in some fantastic shape! We are known for the top notch instruction, positive environment and hard work ethic. If you want to train and learn kickboxing and step away from the Cardio kickboxing routine or just be able to add to your Cardio Routine, contact us and try a class out with Hart’s in Conshy, for Free.


Our Kickboxing program can help you:

  • Lose weight
  • Tone muscle
  • Gain muscle and functional strength
  • Relieve Stress
  • Learn proper Kickboxing training 
  • And much more.

What can you expect from our kickboxing program?

  • A total body workout! Kickboxing at Hart’s will work your entire body and shred the weight off!
  • Confidence! Learn a cool, exiting and empowering martial art form.(Be tough enough, to not have to use it)
  • Hart’s Positive Environment! Be surrounded by like minded, motivated and goal oriented people!
  • Quality and Informative Kickboxing Program! Learn more than just a fitness routine.
  • Safe for beginners! Wether or not you have kickboxing experience you can start at anytime!
  • Fun!! You are around students and Instructors that enjoy life and want you to enjoy your training!




Hart BJJ, Boxing and MMA Academy located in Conshohocken PA, 19428.

Hart BJJ, Boxing and MMA Academy

Hart Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) , Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts ( MMA) is one of Conshohocken ‘s  top Martial Arts Academies for Adult training.  Hart’s is offering Kickboxing training  in addition to our other martial arts training programs. Hart’s is now expanding our Conshy programs, with our new and upcoming children’s mixed Martial Art’s programs.

Team Hart Martial Arts, Breast Cancer Awareness. Pink Day! :)

Team Hart Martial Arts, Breast Cancer Support. Pink Day! 🙂

Hart’s Mixed Martial Arts Academy’s very first, all women Breast Cancer awareness trainingWe are proud to have such a great group of women that are dedicated to helping each other in and out of our martial arts academy. Thank you for your continued support for one and other and working to see each other through the roughest times in training and more importantly, in life. This is just the beginning and we will make it to the end as a team and family. TEAM FAMILY!

Please Join us for our next Martial arts training session against breast cancer! 🙂

Conshohocken Martial Arts Breast Cancer Support

Hart Mixed Martial Arts Breast Cancer Awareness

Learn more about Women’s Martial Arts training at Hart Jiu Jitsu, Boxing and MMA in Conshohocken by contacting us at HARTBJJ.com We look forward to hearing from you. Have a great day and keep up the amazing support!

Conshohocken Boxing at Hart BJJ and Boxing. Meet Coach Gatt.

Meet one of our amazing Boxing Coaches at in Conshohocken. Coach Anthony Gatt. 

Coach Gatt, is a former, top heavyweight prospect in the professional heavyweight boxing division as well as a Collegiate D-1 athlete in the shot put, Javelin and a D-1AA Middle Linebacker in Football. Coach Gatt chose to put his boxing career on hold and obtained his Masters Degree in Microbiology . Coach Gatt is now pursuing his second Masters degree in East Asian Languages and Civilizations. We are proud to have such a hard working, humble, and dedicated professional on our team. Coach Gatt is hands down one of the most caring and intelligent boxing coaches that we have encountered. His approach to training and coaching is a testament to everything he is, Knowledge, safety, awareness, dedication,  professionalism and being humble..plus, we all can’t forget working a heavy jab to start  and finish off strong. 🙂 We are happy to have him as such a great friend and coach at Hart’s. ( He is a great jiu jitsu student as well)

Coach Gatt Victorious