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3 week Basic Intro to Muay Thai Kickboxing at Hart BJJ, Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts training academy in Conshohocken PA. 19428

3 week Basic Intro to Muay Thai Kickboxing at Hart BJJ, Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts training academy in Conshohocken PA. 19428

You don’t want to miss this.

As many of you know, Coach Hart has spent the last 5 weeks training Muay Thai Kickboxing at  Kem Muay Thai Gym in the Khao Yai-Thiang mountains located in Nakhon Ratchasima,Thailand. Kem’s Muay Thai Gym is home to multiple world champions in Muay Thai, internationally and in Thailand.  With Coach Hart returning from his training camp it’s a great opportunity to give Muay Thai a try with us, if you are not a member at Hart Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Boxing. We are offering access to our Muay Thai kickboxing classes for 3 weeks. August 11th through September 1st, Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 5:30-6:30. All classes will be lead by Tim Hart, he will focus on the basics of Muay Thai Kickboxing at a beginner level, that is easy to follow for anyone of any fitness level.  $75 per student (may not be combined with any other offers)

Contact us through email if you are interested in singing up and stay tuned to our Facebook page for more details.



Muay Thai Training-Kem Muay Thai- Hart Conshohocken

If you are ever interested in traveling and learning Traditional Muay Thai with some of the best in the world. You should look to reserve a date with our family at Kem Muay Thai Gym. The accommodations are simple, the food is awesome and the training is at the elite level. You are able to stay in the mountains away from poor air quality and in a relaxing resort type setting. It is perfect environment to clear your mind and focus 100 percent on your craft. You will learn from some of the best muay thai champions and future stars in muay thai competition and K-1 competition.

Tonight, Monday March 16, 2015 @ Hart BJJ, Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts.

Tonight, Monday March 16, 2015 @ Hart BJJ, Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts in Conshohocken. Kids Jiu Jitsu, Conditioning, Gracie Jiu Jitsu  Basics and Advanced BJJ.

Conshohocken BJJ, Jiu JItsu

Conshohocken Jiu Jitsu at Hart BJJ.

Kids Class   4:30

Conditioning   5:30

BJJ Basics   6:30

Advanced BJJ   7:30

Boxing Open Bag work 6:30-8:30


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Conshohocken Boxing at Hart BJJ and Boxing. Meet Coach Gatt.

Meet one of our amazing Boxing Coaches at in Conshohocken. Coach Anthony Gatt. 

Coach Gatt, is a former, top heavyweight prospect in the professional heavyweight boxing division as well as a Collegiate D-1 athlete in the shot put, Javelin and a D-1AA Middle Linebacker in Football. Coach Gatt chose to put his boxing career on hold and obtained his Masters Degree in Microbiology . Coach Gatt is now pursuing his second Masters degree in East Asian Languages and Civilizations. We are proud to have such a hard working, humble, and dedicated professional on our team. Coach Gatt is hands down one of the most caring and intelligent boxing coaches that we have encountered. His approach to training and coaching is a testament to everything he is, Knowledge, safety, awareness, dedication,  professionalism and being humble..plus, we all can’t forget working a heavy jab to start  and finish off strong. 🙂 We are happy to have him as such a great friend and coach at Hart’s. ( He is a great jiu jitsu student as well)

Coach Gatt Victorious