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What’s new at Hart BJJ, Kickboxing and MMA?

          Conshohocken! What’s new at Hart BJJ, Boxing and MMA?

We are happy to announce that we have recently acquired more space for activities, through our merger with CrossFit Ravenous and Ravenous Athletic Develpoment.  Coming soon we will have additional class times, additional mat space and more opportunities for Strength and Conditioning, Kickboxing, Mixed Martial Arts ( MMA ), Brazilian Jiu Jitsu ( BJJ ) and Training For Warriors ( TFW ).

Stay tuned to the newsletter for more information on…

TFW: 8 week programs,  (Parents) TFW during the Kids Classes! CrossFit, Olympic Lifting, Earlier advanced BJJ training times, Workshops, Seminars and MORE!

Contact us for more information:   info@hartbjj.com


To Compete or Not to Compete, that is the Question.

To Compete or Not to Compete, that is the Question:

Coach Courtney two time NY OPEN Purple Belt Champ

If you have looked around the academy at Hart BJJ, the chances are that you’ve noticed the chalkboard on the wall behind the benches with a list of Summer tournaments.  If you’ve read through the list, you may be wondering whether to compete this summer or sometime in the future.  Competing in Brazilian Jiu jitsu has many benefits that are listed below, but being ready to compete mentally is the most important part.  A quote I like is, “If you are not ready to lose, you are not ready to compete.”  Let that sink in for a moment, to win you must be willing to put yourself and your jiu jitsu on display and take risks. There is a difference between playing to win and playing not to lose. The latter focuses on opening up and taking risks, which is key component to a successful competition.

There are many benefits to competing in jiu jitsu, and many of them are gains both on and off the mats.  The first major benefit is knowledge gained.  Competing puts your jiu jitsu game on display. You will see what works and what doesn’t. The “what doesn’t work” gives you a foundation for improvement.  In the wise words of Carlos Gracie Jr, “There is no losing in jiu jitsu. You either win or you learn.” Even when a match doesn’t go as planned, you can always learn from it and make that loss into a gain.  Even the top-level competitors lose, but how they respond to the loss is what is important.

For those of you who don’t know, jiu jitsu competitions are nerve-racking, and will push you to the limit to control your emotions to compete well.  Learning to control one’s emotions to perform is an important skill that is useful on and off the mats.  Think about it, job interviews, public speaking, teaching classes at the academy, taking tests, and promotions can all be nerve-racking. Taking the skills learned while competing will help you to perform better on these other stressful occasions. At most job interviews, no one is trying to choke you or break your arm, so what’s the worst thing that can happen? Competing teaches you to control your fear, anxiety, and other emotions that given the chance can run rampant and affect the outcome of your matches.  Once you become a confident competitor, your emotions won’t get the better of you, but rather you learn to fuel them towards your goal.

One more important benefit of competing is that it gives you the opportunity to see the jiu jitsu community. I personally enjoy seeing the extended jiu jitsu community and meeting others who share the same hobby. Every tournament I’ve competed in has given me the chance to meet more people and make new friends.  Seeing the far reaches of the community gives you a sense of how jiu jitsu has helped other people. I personally love the stories I hear in the bullpen about how jiu jitsu has changed lives.

If you want to discuss your desire or concerns about competing, feel free to talk to me, Coach Tim and Coach Phil. We are here to help you find your way along the path that is the jiu jitsu journey.

About the Author:
My name is Courtney and I am a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  I recently won the Feather weight division at the Spring NY Open and prior to that, I won the light-feather weight division at the Summer NY Open. I believe that jiu jitsu is a journey and that journey itself is the best part of the experience.  I am the head youth instructor at Hart BJJ, Boxing and MMA in Conshohocken, and I am blessed to help my students gain confidence through jiu jitsu.

JUDO at Hart Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Boxing and MMA, Conshohocken.

JUDO at Hart Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Boxing and MMA, Conshohocken.

The second most popular sport in the world is now offered at Hart BJJ, Boxing and MMA!

Starting tomorrow, Judo will offered on a weekly basis at Hart BJJ, Boxing and MMA in Conshohocken! 2nd Degree judo blackbelt, Marius Enache will be teaching this incredible judo program. Marius’s tactical Judo approach is well versed in sport, as well as self defense and mma settings.  If you do not not know about Judo, let me explain it to you, and how it will be beneficial to every member of  the team. Judo is a martial art starting from the feet that uses balance, power and movement to throw an opponent onto his/her back.  Once on the ground Judo practitioners use control or submissions to subdue their opponent. Like jiu jitsu and other martial arts, Judo requires a high amount of mental toughness to become skilled.  Although if you first walk into a judo class, you might be surprised to know that Judo is about gentleness. The word judo consists of two Japanese characters, ju, which means “gentle”, and do, which means “the way”.


So how will having a solid, well taught and exciting Judo class at Hart Martial Arts in Conshohocken, help?  In many ways.  The first and most obvious is that having a solid series of takedowns is key to success jiu jitsu.  Jiu Jitsu competitions start with competitors on their feet, and knowing some judo throws is a big advantage.  Second, Judo practice is incredibly rigorous and physically demanding.  According to World Judo Today, practicing Judo will increase explosiveness, agility, flexibility, dynamic and static balance, endurance, and overall strength.  Next, Judo, teaches how to control an opponent on the ground.  Having the knowledge of how to pin and quickly submit an opponent in valuable in jiu jitsu as well as in self defense.  Finally, Judo offers us the chance to learn a new martial art and expand our knowledge as overall martial artists.  This is important for keeping the eager, knowledge-loving, white belt mentality.  Because when it comes to Judo, we are all beginners.  I hope to see everyone on the mats tomorrow to welcome Coach Marius to Hart Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts.

Email us today to learn more about our Judo, BJJ and Mixed Martial Arts training in Conshohocken at Harts.

Kids Jiu Jitsu in Conshohocken – Munchkin Mat Take Over! :)

Conshohocken kids Jiu Jitsu at Hart BJJ and Mixed Martial Arts – The Munchkin Mat Take Over


The kids are taking over the mats everyday now at Hart Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Boxing and MMA

Do you know any kids between the ages of 4 and 14 who could benefit from jiu jitsu training?  At Hart Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Boxing and MMA, we now offer kids classes 5 days a week! Our classes promote self-confidence, a healthy lifestyle, and self defense.  Your son or daughter will learn Gracie Jiu Jitsu from qualified instructors while having a great time learning.  If you have a child or know a child who could benefit from Jiu Jitsu, contact Hart Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Boxing and MMA.

Schedule your son or daughter’s first jiu jitsu class and come join us for the fun! Your son or daughter will be surrounded with other fun-loving, coachable students, who will become their “jiu jitsu family”.  If you want your son or daughter to be a part of an incredible team, striving to attain their goals through hard work and harder fun, contact Hart BJJ, Boxing and MMA today!!

Be our guest for a FREE Kids Class soon! Contact us now! 

Morning WAWA Coffee and Conshocken BJJ Morning Training

Morning WAWA Coffee and Conshocken BJJ Morning Training

Conshohocken WAWA Coffee and some AM Jiu Jitsu training.

Conshohocken WAWA Coffee – AM Jiu Jitsu. 🙂

Take a boring Monday morning and make it bright with Jiu Jitsu before coffee.

Ever wanted to learn Jiu Jitsu, but work late or have busy evenings?  Now there is an option for you, right in Conshohocken, PA. Hart Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Boxing and MMA now offers morning Jiu Jitsu classes! The classes for beginner students are Monday and Wednesday at 7:30 am, and for more advanced students classes run Monday through Thursday at 7:30 am.  In the basic classes you will learn effective Jiu Jitsu techniques, as well as get in a solid workout. All before coffee!

Schedule your first jiu jitsu class now and come in and join us for a morning class! Learn from Coach Courtney and surround yourself with like-minded, driven individuals.  Hart’s, as usual will be accepting coachable, decent, hardworking and positive, new students to work with.  If you want to learn jiu jitsu in a fun, safe, team oriented environment, look no further than Hart BJJ, Boxing and MMA.

Be our guest for a FREE Jiu Jitsu training session soon.

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Promotion Day Information and Tips on How to Prepare

Promotion Day Information and Tips on How to Prepare

Congratulations to those being promoted on May 14th!

Here’s what you need to know about promotion day.

All Adult classes are cancelled on May 14, 2016.

Kids class will be held at regular time.

Warm up starts promptly at 11:30.

If you’re hammer or the nail, get in for a solid warm up. As you know, it will be a long training day.

Drink adequate amounts of water in the 72 hours leading up to Saturday!

By adequate we mean, no less that a half gallon or gallon of water per day. When you wake up on Saturday, pound a couple pints of water to prepare.

Cultivate energy in the coming week.

We encourage you to keep moving but there is little to no reason to train hard and much less risk injury. Drilling is welcome, work on details, know your game. Eat nutrient rich foods including carbs. Get 8 hours of sleep as many nights as you can.

Attn: Students and Parents,

Please pay for what you take from the fridge at Harts,

encourage siblings to share and maybe this will cut down

on the amount of floaters we have after class.

Thank you

Promotion Announcement at Hart BJJ & Boxing Conshohocken

Promotion Announcement at Hart BJJ & Boxing Conshohocken

Saturday, May 14, 2016

**This list in not final, keep up the hard work

Yellow Belt

Felix Raimondo

Danny Watkins

Blue Belt

Josh Scanish

Duc Doa

Alex Schmucker

Alec Nissen

Dan Doyle

Philip Molinari

Purple Belt

Jacob Alpert

Michael Estok

Cynthia Pandolfo


Kids Promotions at Hart BJJ and Boxing Conshohocken

Kids Promotions at Hart BJJ and Boxing Conshohocken

April 23, 2016


Promotion List

Yellow Belt:

Martha, Julia, Charlotte, Susanna, Augustin, LJ

1 Degree:

Zach, Gohan, Hunter, Willie, Liv, Gavin, Callan, Desmond, Evan, Dylan, Brooklyn, Frankie

2 Degrees:

Micah, Jillian, Jude, Daniel, Quinn, Rowan, CiCi, Jason, Alex

3 Degrees:

Andrew and Bryn

4 Degrees:


Arrival time 9am,  Start time 9:30

Technical Demo and Sparring

Belt Presentation

Degree Presentation


What is the order of Belts rank for Kids?

White Belt: beginner

Grey Belt: Ages 4-6

Yellow Belt: Ages 7-15

Orange Belt: Ages 10-15

Green Belt: Ages 13-15

Will everyone get a new color belt?


What techniques will the kids be asked to demonstrate?


Stand in Base


Bump Sweep

Bridge and Roll

Osto Gari

Double Leg Takedown

Break the closed Guard

One Guard pass

We are really looking forward to this, work hard everyone!

Conshohocken! Kids Jiu Jitsu training at Hart BJJ, Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts in Conshohocken.

Conshohocken! Kids Jiu Jitsu training at Hart BJJ, Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts in Conshohocken.

Hart’s Jiu Jitsu academy in Conshohocken offers Gracie jiu jitsu training to children  for self defense, sport BJJ and to promote a healthy martial arts lifestyle. Our jiu jitsu children’s program is designed to help your children both physically and mentally. We look to help build strong positive habits, confidence and focus. We insist that our students get and stay in, good physical conditioning, keep a strong training mindset, and be apart of a hardworking martial arts/team environment, while always having fun.

Hart's Kid's Jiu Jitsu training in Conshohocken.

Hart’s Kid’s Jiu Jitsu training in Conshohocken.

Hart kid’s Jiu Jitsu program is designed and taught by high quality BJJ instructors, competitors and mentors in jiu jitsu and the martial arts community. Would you like your children to be apart of our  current jiu jitsu program? If so, contact us for a free trial lesson. Many families start their children in our jiu jitsu training for different reasons, but some of our main concerns are keeping your children excited about learning jiu jitsu, staying safe, healthy and happy and absolutely,  we want them to be able to defend themselves if a situation of having to use self defense occurs.

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3 week Basic Intro to Muay Thai Kickboxing at Hart BJJ, Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts training academy in Conshohocken PA. 19428

3 week Basic Intro to Muay Thai Kickboxing at Hart BJJ, Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts training academy in Conshohocken PA. 19428

You don’t want to miss this.

As many of you know, Coach Hart has spent the last 5 weeks training Muay Thai Kickboxing at  Kem Muay Thai Gym in the Khao Yai-Thiang mountains located in Nakhon Ratchasima,Thailand. Kem’s Muay Thai Gym is home to multiple world champions in Muay Thai, internationally and in Thailand.  With Coach Hart returning from his training camp it’s a great opportunity to give Muay Thai a try with us, if you are not a member at Hart Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Boxing. We are offering access to our Muay Thai kickboxing classes for 3 weeks. August 11th through September 1st, Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 5:30-6:30. All classes will be lead by Tim Hart, he will focus on the basics of Muay Thai Kickboxing at a beginner level, that is easy to follow for anyone of any fitness level.  $75 per student (may not be combined with any other offers)

Contact us through email if you are interested in singing up and stay tuned to our Facebook page for more details.



Muay Thai Training-Kem Muay Thai- Hart Conshohocken

If you are ever interested in traveling and learning Traditional Muay Thai with some of the best in the world. You should look to reserve a date with our family at Kem Muay Thai Gym. The accommodations are simple, the food is awesome and the training is at the elite level. You are able to stay in the mountains away from poor air quality and in a relaxing resort type setting. It is perfect environment to clear your mind and focus 100 percent on your craft. You will learn from some of the best muay thai champions and future stars in muay thai competition and K-1 competition.