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Tonight, Monday March 16, 2015 @ Hart BJJ, Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts.

Tonight, Monday March 16, 2015 @ Hart BJJ, Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts in Conshohocken. Kids Jiu Jitsu, Conditioning, Gracie Jiu Jitsu  Basics and Advanced BJJ.

Conshohocken BJJ, Jiu JItsu

Conshohocken Jiu Jitsu at Hart BJJ.

Kids Class   4:30

Conditioning   5:30

BJJ Basics   6:30

Advanced BJJ   7:30

Boxing Open Bag work 6:30-8:30


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Conshohocken Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) and Mixed Martial Arts training (MMA) Classes tonight!

Conshohocken Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) and Mixed Martial Arts training (MMA) Class schedule tonight at Hart’s Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts Academy. 

Hart’s  Martial Arts training starts today at 4:30pm and ends 9:30pm.  Our Jiu Jitsu and MMA Academy is located at 701 East Elm St. Conshohocken, PA. 19428. We are right next to Crossfit Conshy and the Tone Zone. ( These are 2 of the premier fitness locations in the Conshohocken area) You can visit us at HARTBJJ.COM .

Our Martial Arts training begins with our:

Kids Mixed Martial Arts Class at 4:30 pm.

Women Only MMA and Boxing Conditioning starts at 5:30 pm.

Adult Basic Jiu Jitsu Training (BJJ)  starts at 6:30 pm.

Adult Advanced BJJ Training starts at 7:30 pm.

BJJ open mat training and open boxing bag training starts at 8:30pm

We look forward to continuing to provide you all a safe, encouraging and always friendly, environment for your martial arts and fitness growth.

Below is one of our personal favorite Gracie Jiu Jitsu self defense demonstrations. The two gentlemen are Rickson Gracie and Royler Gracie. ( The R is pronounced with an H sound, so their names are pronounced Hickson and Hoyler Gracie) Remember Gracie Jiu Jitsu is taught for self Defense first and sport second. Please, check out this fantastic display of Gracie jiu jitsu below.


Feel Free to try a free class at Hart BJJ, Boxing and MMA by sending us an email at HARTBJJ.COM

Team Hart Martial Arts, Breast Cancer Awareness. Pink Day! :)

Team Hart Martial Arts, Breast Cancer Support. Pink Day! 🙂

Hart’s Mixed Martial Arts Academy’s very first, all women Breast Cancer awareness trainingWe are proud to have such a great group of women that are dedicated to helping each other in and out of our martial arts academy. Thank you for your continued support for one and other and working to see each other through the roughest times in training and more importantly, in life. This is just the beginning and we will make it to the end as a team and family. TEAM FAMILY!

Please Join us for our next Martial arts training session against breast cancer! 🙂

Conshohocken Martial Arts Breast Cancer Support

Hart Mixed Martial Arts Breast Cancer Awareness

Learn more about Women’s Martial Arts training at Hart Jiu Jitsu, Boxing and MMA in Conshohocken by contacting us at HARTBJJ.com We look forward to hearing from you. Have a great day and keep up the amazing support!

Conshohocken Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) Women’s only class was awesome! DAY 1!

Some of the Hart Jiu Jitsu and Boxing women came out and had a great time training in our first Women’s only Jiu Jitsu ( BJJ) class. We couldn’t ask for a better group of people to have around out Martial Arts Academy. The Women always push themselves to be the best, work super hard and always find time to enjoy their training.  We are so glad all of you enjoyed this first class and we look forward to many more with you all on your road to getting your Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belts. Go Team Hart Women! If you are interested in joining in our women’s program send us an email and try a class for Free at HARTBJJ.COM.

Team Hart Jiu JIitsu Women's Only Class!

4 Week Judo Course with Number 2 Ranked USA Judoka, Bob Lee. Conshohocken Judo

Hart’s Judo 4 week course will be taught by Black Belt, Olympic hopeful and number 2 ranked Judoka in the US, Bob Lee.

This Judo course is only $40 for Hart Students. It is $65 for non members.

Our Judo lead class will meet every Sunday at 11am to 12pm.  Starting September 15th, 2013.  We may start the class on the 8th of September, if all payments are in by then. Our Judo program is for beginners to advanced and since Coach Lee has trained with and competed against, some of the absolute best in the world, we are sure you will learn something new every class regardless of your skill level.  All you need for this program is a uniform and a great attitude towards training and learning.

Here is a list of some of Coach Lee’s Judo Accomplishments.






Coach Lee is currently chasing his goal of becoming a gold medalist in the Olympics. We wish him the best and know he can do it.


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Hart BJJ and Boxing in Conshohocken, is the perfect place to start you Martial Arts training! Are you near our Martial Arts Academy?

Hart BJJ and Boxing is the perfect place to start you Martial Arts training!

Area you near our Martial Arts Academy?

Hart’s has quickly become Conshohocken’s top location for:

Gracie Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ), Boxing, Judo, Wrestling, Self Defense, Mixed Martial Arts ( MMA) and Martial Arts Fitness .


Hart’s has a wide variety of programs for Men and Women of all ages and fitness levels.

Hart’s Kid’s Martial Arts program will be starting soon. We have been taking our time to start this program because we wanted to ensure we have the safest, most effective and easy to follow, children’s curriculum.

Hart’s serves Local Areas near Conshohocken such as Plymouth Metting, Whitemarsh, West Conshohocken,  Andorra, Villanova, and others. If you live nearby.



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CONSHOHOCKEN BJJ AND BOXING NEW PICTURES! Hart’s, New Grappling Wall Pads and Heavy bag!

Hart’s BJJ and Boxing has some new gear and safety equipment in our school, in Conshohocken.

We want to continue to provide the safest and best training environment, instruction, family atmosphere, great team work ethic and

constantly, keep training fun and challenging .

Here are some new pictures and more will be posted after our other boxing and grappling equipment is installed.  

We are open for all new students. Try out a class 🙂

Hart's New Jiu Jitsu and Grappling Wall Pads




















Hart Boxing, Conshohocken, 150lb Heavy Bag