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How’s your hygiene at Hart BJJ, Kickboxing and MMA?

How’s your hygiene at Hart BJJ, Boxing and MMA?

We at Hart Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Boxing and MMA are dedicated to providing you with a clean training environment. We need your help to do so. Please familiarize yourself with the following tips to keep yourself and our facility safe and sanitary.

Prior to training…

Do not train if you have a virus,  infection or fungus.

Do not shave just prior to training as this leaves one vulnerable to skin infections.

Be sure your finger and toe nails are trimmed and clean.

Freshen your breath and your body.

Sanitize your hands.

Wear laundered clothing and Gi’s to training.

Seal or cover your broken skin. Do not train with an open wound.

Wear a rash guard, even underneath the Gi.

Wear sandals or other footwear when off the mat.

ALWAYS wear shoes in the restroom.

Alert an instructor if there is blood on the mat so it can be properly sanitized.

Hit the showers as soon as possible. Lather! Rinse. Include your feet ;). Bonus tip, at the end of your shower, let the water run cold over your skin to close your pores.

Wash your training clothes promptly after every use.

Wash your braces and joint supports.

Do not leave sweaty clothing in your gym bag or your car.

Dry and sanitize your equipment. Gym bags, mouth guards, shin guards, ear guards, gloves etc.

Inspect yourself for skin irritations and infections. If you suspect you may have an infection, notify Harts and seek medical attention.


Muay Thai? Muay Thai! We are pleased to have another positive addition to Hart’s. Our Friend and New Muay Thai Coach. Coach Judah!

We are pleased to have another positive addition to Hart’s. Our Friend and New Muay Thai Coach. Coach Judah Ciervo!

Coach Judah- Muay Thai competition.

Coach Judah- Muay Thai competition.


Coach Judah Ciervo brings a wealth of knowledge and Muay Thai experience to Hart’s to help compliment our programs, students and academy further. We are super excited to have another positive instructor that puts in the extra effort to help guide, train and genuinely take the time and patience to ensure all the students of Hart’s succeed.  Judah’s approach to teaching and training is a perfect fit for any student, whether basic or advanced muay thai. Judah’s detailed approach to striking is not only suitable for Muay Thai but for MMA as well. We look forward to seeing you all in Coach Judah’s classes. We are sure you are going to have a great time.


Here is Coach Judah’s current Bio.

Judah Ciervo Muay Thai Instructor

Muay Thai instructor / Ranking: Black

Judah’s practice of the martial arts began in 1994 when he received a copy of Bruce Lee’s Tao of Jeet Kune Do, which he studied intently for several years. A self-directed learner from a young age, Judah first began formal instruction in the fighting arts in the fall of 1997 studying at the Philadelphia Muay Thai Academy under Gerry Brown and Ken Perry (RIP). Judah earned his Muay Thai shorts under Ajarn Sakasem Kanthawong and Kru Andy Russell in February 2000 and began to compete as an amateur in Muay Thai that summer for the next 9 years. Judah has a fought both nationally and internationally in Muay Thai, most recently fighting the 2010 Pradal Serey (Kun Khmer) national champion in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

In 2002 Judah became a Muay Thai instructor and the Competition Team Coach at Body Arts Gym under Angel Cartagena. That same year Judah broadened his horizons and began learning no-gi grappling and mixed martial arts, under Stephen Haigh founder of the Philadelphia Fight Factory, and had his first Shoot Fight/MMA bout in the fall of 2002. While fighting under the Fight Factory banner from 2002-2009 Judah was the Muay Thai coach for the MMA team and was privileged to have been a teammate and sparring partner of future MMA luminaries Eddie Alvarez and Zach Makovsky during the first 5 years of their careers.

Judah is part of the last generation of MMA fighters to have competed in Vale Tudo matches (one 10 minute round all techniques allowed) in the United States in April 2003 against Billy Craparo (RIP). Judah won his pro MMA debut April 2008 by second round TKO and made his pro Muay Thai debut January 2009.

Since March 2013 Judah has been continuing his martial arts journey learning Gracie Jiu-jitsu at Balance Studios under the instruction of the Migliarese and Vogel brothers and is continuing his study of Muay Thai under the guidance of Master Instructor Kru Andy Russell.

3 week Basic Intro to Muay Thai Kickboxing at Hart BJJ, Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts training academy in Conshohocken PA. 19428

3 week Basic Intro to Muay Thai Kickboxing at Hart BJJ, Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts training academy in Conshohocken PA. 19428

You don’t want to miss this.

As many of you know, Coach Hart has spent the last 5 weeks training Muay Thai Kickboxing at  Kem Muay Thai Gym in the Khao Yai-Thiang mountains located in Nakhon Ratchasima,Thailand. Kem’s Muay Thai Gym is home to multiple world champions in Muay Thai, internationally and in Thailand.  With Coach Hart returning from his training camp it’s a great opportunity to give Muay Thai a try with us, if you are not a member at Hart Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Boxing. We are offering access to our Muay Thai kickboxing classes for 3 weeks. August 11th through September 1st, Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 5:30-6:30. All classes will be lead by Tim Hart, he will focus on the basics of Muay Thai Kickboxing at a beginner level, that is easy to follow for anyone of any fitness level.  $75 per student (may not be combined with any other offers)

Contact us through email if you are interested in singing up and stay tuned to our Facebook page for more details.



Muay Thai Training-Kem Muay Thai- Hart Conshohocken

If you are ever interested in traveling and learning Traditional Muay Thai with some of the best in the world. You should look to reserve a date with our family at Kem Muay Thai Gym. The accommodations are simple, the food is awesome and the training is at the elite level. You are able to stay in the mountains away from poor air quality and in a relaxing resort type setting. It is perfect environment to clear your mind and focus 100 percent on your craft. You will learn from some of the best muay thai champions and future stars in muay thai competition and K-1 competition.

Kickboxing in Conshohocken! Hart’s 4 week Kick start to Kickboxing program.

Kickboxing in Conshohocken! Hart’s 4 week Kick start to Kickboxing program.

You save 40% off the normal cost of this program if you are one of the first 10 people to enroll.

Hart’s is known for having the highest quality program’s in the Conshohocken area. We are bringing you another great course to try with us!

Are you ready to learn some Kickboxing?

Before you start you must know this. Read Below.   


  1. Hart’s kickboxing program IS NOT some Personal Trainer having you pretend to do “Kickboxing or Boxing”   
  2. You will actually learn proper kickboxing techniques, drills and get the best kickboxing instruction and workout in the area.  
  3. Hart’s IS NOT  a trend hopping gym, putting “Cardio KickBox” programs in. We provide our students, fitness and  learning experiences for life. 
  4. Our programs are run by professionals with numerous years of experience in:      

                                 Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Judo, Wrestling, Jiu Jitsu, Boxing, MMA and various other martial arts styles.

   5. Do yourself a favor and don’t be fooled by the standard fitness gyms and their gimmick classes. If you really want to learn kickboxing or martial arts, even if it is just for the workout….do so with an experienced, dedicated team.   

Hart’s 4 week Kickboxing kick start program will be starting soon.

If you are interested in our kickboxing program we are giving the first 10 people  40% off of their 4 week course!