Promotion Day Information and Tips on How to Prepare

Promotion Day Information and Tips on How to Prepare

Congratulations to those being promoted on May 14th!

Here’s what you need to know about promotion day.

All Adult classes are cancelled on May 14, 2016.

Kids class will be held at regular time.

Warm up starts promptly at 11:30.

If you’re hammer or the nail, get in for a solid warm up. As you know, it will be a long training day.

Drink adequate amounts of water in the 72 hours leading up to Saturday!

By adequate we mean, no less that a half gallon or gallon of water per day. When you wake up on Saturday, pound a couple pints of water to prepare.

Cultivate energy in the coming week.

We encourage you to keep moving but there is little to no reason to train hard and much less risk injury. Drilling is welcome, work on details, know your game. Eat nutrient rich foods including carbs. Get 8 hours of sleep as many nights as you can.

Attn: Students and Parents,

Please pay for what you take from the fridge at Harts,

encourage siblings to share and maybe this will cut down

on the amount of floaters we have after class.

Thank you

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