Conshohocken Judo training inside Hart Jiu Jitsu ( BJJ), Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) academy, with Team USA and currently 2nd ranked Judoka in the United States, Black Belt Bob Lee. Coach Lee has been an assistant Coach at Hart’s martial arts academy helping students and helping to positively promote the growth, knowledge and Judo training of our team. Judo training is an extremely valuable martial arts training component,  for any grappling sport or realistic self defense that involves grappling, gripping and holding. Wether it is sport jiu jitsu, Nogi Grappling, wrestling, Sambo, mixed martial arts (MMA)….ect. Takedowns, grips, trips,  body positioning and the correct movements are a huge key to grappling training to get the fight or match to the ground or to protect yourself from being thrown and taken down. Here is a quick video of some cool Judo Throws from Coach Lee. Just Click the link below.

Conshohocken PA Judo Training at Hart BJJ, Boxing and MMA


We will be having a Great 2 hour seminar with Coach Lee In January Before he Competes again. 1 hour Gi Judo and 1 hour Nogi Judo. This is an amazing opportunity to try Judo, learn Judo, get those crucial training details to perform better in judo or grappling, enhance your knowledge of Judo and have a great time with an amazing instructor and friends.


Black Belt Judo Instruction



If you are interested in learning from Coach Lee, in our upcoming January  seminar. Just click here and send us an email. Be sure you check your spam folder for our reply if you do not see it.


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