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Kids Jiu Jitsu Benefits at Harts Mixed Martial Arts Academy in Conshohocken.

Often times when starting martial arts, parents ask about the benefits of Kids Jiu Jitsu (BJJ)  for their family. Below are some of the top benefits of kids Jiu Jitsu at Harts in Conshohocken . Please take some time to read these 5 benefits that can be gained and retained, through our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, also referred to as “BJJ”,  program.

1.Self Defense :

Starting a kids Jiu Jitsu program should be fun, informative and encourage self defense for children. Our martial arts professionals at Harts help to empower children, in understanding their self value and to protect themselves in various situations they may encounter. We believe self defense isn’t just a physical altercation, but rather we encourage children to protect their well being in multiple ways. Those was can be verbally, mentally or physically.

2. Physical fitness:

Jiu Jitsu, and grappling arts are some of the most mentally and physically demanding forms of self defense. Hart’s has some physically challenging but fun kids martial arts classes. In these martial arts classes, children will be guided to recognize that the only physical limitation they have, are that which the student accept for themselves.  So physical limitations when children start, will be surpassed in weeks and months to come. Hart’s builds stronger, more adaptable and more endurable children.

3. Disipline and Respect:

Jiu Jitsu and Martial arts in general, has a firm commitment to cultivate discipline and respect into students lives. Our academy looks to instill important values to our young practitioners, to fortify a strong respectable future as they travel into adulthood. We do this with the help and firm declarations of our students parents. Discipline to stay focused on their tasks and understand that ups and downs happen, but their discipline towards seeing their goals met, is non-negotiable and must be seen through. Respect, not just for parents, teachers and others, but having strong self respect to stand up for themselves their words and to have a voice to stand up for what they believe to be right.

4. Mental Focus and Problem Solving:

When learning and training martial arts, children are taught how to focus, listen and to pay attention to technical instruction and details during class. This leads to better focus at home, in school and has resulted in better grades for our students. As Jiu Jitsu and martial arts live training starts, children are then set to start their matches to focus and try and use their technical work to engage in physical training with other students. This teaches the child to figure out how to implement their training on a resisting opponent while dealing with real time, problem solving to achieve their objectives. This approach is great as it builds resilience in children, because they will win and lose, but will immediately disregard those “win/lose” feelings and go right back into training. (No time for sulking or self praise)

5. Community and Teamwork:

A quality martial arts community is hard to come by believe it or not. We at Hart’s pride ourselves on our community, leadership and team camaraderie. Our professional coaches, our caring and supportive parents, our happy, tough and encouraging students are all parts of the pieces that make Harts in Conshohocken so unique and rare. Student bonds and friendships are forged on our mats. We believe it is vital to communicate, set expectations and allow people to grow.

We are so grateful that we have the opportunity to work for such amazing people and to share our famous Hart Team day together with everyone. Conshohocken has embraced us so well and we are thankful for the growing support.

There are plenty of other benefits that come from training BJJ and martial arts, and these are just a few that we find to be very helpful and beneficial to share with you all.


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