Youth and Minis BJJ Promotion Day! 

Youth Members will begin at 9am and Minis will begin at 10am. We’ll look to wrap up around 11am. More details to come!


Youth Class Belt Promotions: Quinn, Bryn, Dalton, Braelyn, Joseph B, Alex A, Olivia*, Maryam*

Minis Class Belt Promotions: Luca

Youth Class Degrees: Chase, Logan, Rowan, Finn, Xavi, Aiden, Enzo, Ben, Korra, Huntley, Dexter, Ruslan, Jah’leem, Luca, JoJo, Colin, James, Ian, Tyler, Sammy, Chase, Christian, Kira, Eva, Henry, Juliana, Espie, Sam*, Claire*, Safina*

Minis Class Degrees: Fritz, Jack, Matthias, Peter, Autumn, Joshua, Anthony, Maya, Jai Yue, Jonah, Rory, James, Connor, Mason, Mia

*-indicates a Mini moving up to the Youth class, please arrive at 9 am on June 29th.

If you’ve been a member for a while, you may have noticed we’re having promotions a little more often than before. Please help to manage expectations to avoid your child potentially feeling overlooked. As a rule, if your child received a new belt or a couple stripes at the pervious promotion, they may not be on the list for degrees this time around. More promotion days per year means more opportunity to be promoted.  If your child is not getting promoted this round, the next opportunity for promotion is only 4 months away. Thanks for helping the kids understand as we maintain integrity under a new system. Also, if your child is not on the list we still want them to be with the team on promotion day. Not only is it lots of fun, it an opportunity for them to participate in everyone’s hard work and support their team mates.

On the list but can’t make it? That’s ok, we can arrange to promote your child on a different day in class. Please let the coaches know next time you’re in.

Looking to compete? Please consider the Grappling Industries Philadelphia held in Broomall on July 6th. INFO HERE!

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