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Conshohocken BJJ Black Belt Club Training at Hart Jiu Jitsu, Boxing and MMA. Conshy’s Top Resource for BJJ, Boxing, Muay Thai and Mixed Martial Arts Instruction and Training. Hart’s BJJ Black Belt Club is a professionally designed training system to make our students as proficient as possible in the past Basic Jiu Jitsu techniques as well as introducing a variety of new techniques and NO GI (submission wrestling) training.  This type of training is performed in team shorts and a team shirts, it is similar to a traditional wrestling match.

In this program our students will start to “put things together,” meaning the student will understand their techniques and will be able to transition from technique to technique without using strength to overcome a larger opponent or training partner. They will be confident in positioning themselves in a safe and secure manner to apply submissions holds or multiple submission opportunities, used against a skilled opponent. This will also benefit the students in the same way as the other programs but on a larger scale due to the fact that the students will now free and positional spar with no strikes involved, utilizing sport jiu jitsu.

Here are some of the benefits you will receiving in Hart’s BJJ Black Belt Club (aside from many Physical benefits):

  • Professionally Designed and Followed BJJ Curriculum
  • Motivated and Helpful Staff and Team Members
  • A Fun, Honest and Friendly/Family Atmosphere
  • A Goal Oriented Jiu Jitsu Team 
  • Mat Professionals!!! ( Happy and ego-less training partners)
  • Team Before ME mentality ( Everyone Benefits )
  • Hard Working Team Environment
  • and much more.

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