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Conshohocken Youth Kickboxing – Youth Muay Thai Kickboxing.

Our Conshohocken Martial Arts academy focuses on providing top notch instruction not only in kids and youth jiu jitsu, but now Muay Thai Kickboxing. Our youth kickboxing classes are designed simply and effectively, to help your child understand the basics of muay thai kickboxing. Learning respect, discipline, and self control are just some of the benefits your child will learn with our hardworking youth classes.

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When Are Youth Muay Thai classes at Harts Conshohocken?

Our youth muay thai classes are going to be scheduled 3 days a week for right now. We are hosting our first kids kickboxing class this Saturday ( March 2nd, 2019) at 11am. Moving forward we will be adding more youth kickboxing classes on Tuesday and Thursdays at 5:30pm. Hart’s has kickboxing gear packages for sale in our academy. We are hosting the March 2nd class for Hart Academy children and are allowing them to bring a friend to try class. Our youth kickboxing classes are for children 8-12 years old.

Will my child be learning to “fight” with Muay Thai? 

Yes, your child will learn valuable techniques to be help them defend themselves, but we focus on helping children understand self control. With the understanding of self control, this helps keep our children level headed and aware if conflict arises. We do not want them to “lash out” and believe that hitting others is the answer to all situations. Children should be able to defend themselves. But more-so, they should be confident and emotionally intelligent to decide when they physically have to defend themselves.

Does Hart’s offer Muay Thai for Teenagers. Yes, we do! 

Teens are able to join in our Adult muay thai program. We focus on keeping a professional, positive and hardworking environment for all our students and families. Our current teenagers have made terrific strides and built mental toughness, by working side by side with out adult muay thai students. If you have a teenager looking to learn muay thai, contact us and try our free 2 week trial.


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