I have been doing Brazilian jujitsu for the past 17 years in the Philadelphia area, and I have come across few teachers that possess the teaching and technical ability of Tim Hart. When you first come to the school you will be enveloped by his warm and gentle demeanor. As a teacher he is able to communicate how to do some of the most complicated moves in a very clear and concise manner. He is a loving family man who is as devoted to his beautiful wife and two kids as he is to his students. He cultivates a relaxed environment where you are not afraid to ask a question about something that he already has gone over before or even tell him a funny story. Tim Hart and everyone and Hart BJJ have your best interest in heart. If you want to learn to defend yourself, get in better shape, or even compete competitively, Hart BJJ is the best place to train in Conshohocken.



Tim Hart’s BJJ Academy is phenomenal. There is a high level of instruction, and the coaches pay attention to individual students and their individual needs. As a women , I am very comfortable in class and am learning valuable tools to use on the mat, as well as for self-defense. The atmosphere is welcoming and I look forward to attending class! There are several BJJ schools closer to my house, but Tim Hart’s BJJ is worth the extra drive. If you are a woman looking to train in Martial Arts, I highly recommend starting at Tim Hart’s BJJ!”

Courtney C

“I’ve been training Martial Arts for over 23 years and have come across some great teachers and no so great teachers. The number one thing I look for when seeking a martial arts studio is a humble, kind, and caring instructor that is not in the business to feed his/her own ego. Hart Jiu Jitsu is one of THE BEST environments I have ever been in. The people are friendly and humble AND you get THE BEST Jiu Jitsu training you could ask for. I highly recommend training here.”

Ish P

“Great teachers and a very interactive student-teacher dynamic. The gym is very clean and has two bathrooms and a shower! I’ve gone to several classes and thoroughly enjoyed the technical expertise of the women’s class instructor Courtney. The Friday basics class is great for all belt levels with a nice cardio warmup in the beginning. There is a great camaraderie between the instructor Chris and the students where you feel relaxed enough to joke with him. I like that there is a mix of self defense and sport jiu jitsu taught. Everyone is really nice at this gym and makes you feel welcome as soon as you arrive.”

-Yin Yin C

“Tim Hart is an amazing instructor who is not only humble but has cultivated a friendly, inclusive environment for his students. The pleasant attitudes and atmosphere trickles down from the top. I have been attending classes for almost 6 months and have been exposed to an experience that I’ve found to be unparalleled. If you’re looking to learn how to defend yourself or just trying to break a sweat doing functional exercises, this is the place.”
— Nick Lantonio

“I first started training at Tim’s old Mt. Airy location. After he moved to Consho I was a bit bummed because it was a farther drive. However, I didn’t hesitate at all and moved with him as he is an excellent instructor and creates a very positive environment to train in. He is typically spot on when it comes to identifying where your strong points are and where you need improvement during training. He has also done a great job of building a solid support team of instructors who transfer his knowledge and skill effectively.
— Drew Leonardi

“Tim is the best. I’ve known him for over 4 years and he’s helped me go from white to purple belt. I’ve also lost about 40 lbs as a result and I’ve gotten more comfortable boxing. Worst part for me is I had to buy all new clothes.”
— Lou O’Brien

“The instructors at Hart BJJ provide a friendly and easy going environment which makes for the optimal way to learn. Tim truly cares for each student and their progress and for them to reach their goals. Great instructions and great workouts makes it a premier school in the area.”
— Matt Spittler

“I love training at Hart’s. There is something for everyone… any body type, condition, experience, etc. Tim fosters learning, safety, and a team atmosphere. Plus, he’s highly entertaining! Great people at the school too. I highly recommend checking out a class!”
— Samir Patel

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