Women’s Only MMA, Boxing and Jiu Jitsu Training at Hart BJJ in Conshohocken PA. Hart’s has been leading the charge for women’s martial arts and Mixed Martial Arts training and fitness programs. Hart’s continues to work hard for our women students and expect to have an even better 2014, for all our current and future women students.

Hart Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) has put together an amazing program for women to workout and pursue their martial arts training together in a women only setting. Our women’s mixed martial arts ( MMA) is an environment built on hard work, goal oriented individuals and always, a team mindset. Women that are looking to lose weight, get tone, build muscle and have a lean body like a MMA, Boxer, BJJ or Kickboxing Athlete, will have found the perfect program with Harts Women’s only Martial Arts and Self Defense programs. Women will learn Boxing, Muay Thai kickboxing, Judo, Jiu Jitsu and they will become stronger, not just with muscle, but more importantly, they will become stronger and more confident with martial arts techniques. Self Defense skills along with functional strength, is a great combination that more and more women are finding out about, through martial arts training at Harts.

Women only training at Hart Jiu Jitsu (BJJ)

Hart’s all Around 🙂 Women Jiu JItsu training


We at Hart’s are proud to say that all our women that have pursued their martial arts training with us, have reached their goals in record time due to their work ethic and positive training mindsets. Thank you all for making our Hart’s Women’s program such a success. Keep up the tremendous work ladies!

Here are a few Testimonials from our women students.

“Tim Hart’s BJJ Academy is phenomenal. There is a high level of instruction, and the coaches pay attention to individual students and their individual needs. As a women , I am very comfortable in class and am learning valuable tools to use on the mat, as well as for self-defense. The atmosphere is welcoming and I look forward to attending class! There are several BJJ schools closer to my house, but Tim Hart’s BJJ is worth the extra drive. If you are a woman looking to train in Martial Arts, I highly recommend starting at Tim Hart’s BJJ!” -Courtney

“Not only is the instruction top notch, the team members are amazing! There are no egos and people are more than willing to help. The women’s programs are challenging, rewarding, and FUN too! Come train with people from all walks of life with various goals, such as getting in shape, learning self-defense, and/or compete!” – Janel

If you are interested in trying 2 weeks free for women’s martial arts and fitness training, just contact us here for your 2 week free trial. 

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