Conshohocken Muay Thai- Kickboxing training at Hart’s jiu jitsu academy. 3 week intro! October 6th we kick it off! Hart’s jiu jitsu and mixed martial arts academy is located at 1050 Colwell Lane, Conshohocken PA. 19428.

We are excited to get right back to kicking things off the right way with our Muay Thai training, 3 week course starting this October 6th, 2015. This 3 week muay thai kickboxing course will be lead by Coach Judah, ( learn more about Coach Judah here). Our Muay Thai- kickboxing training sessions at Hart’s are detailed, controlled, safe and fun. These sessions are perfect for anyone of any level to start, beginning to professional levels. This course will be focused on simplicity of techniques and gaining a solid workout through the correct patterns of repetition of muay thai movement and striking. This is the perfect time to start if you are a beginner and have the desire to learn something new.

Coach Judah- Muay Thai competition.

Coach Judah- Muay Thai competition in Cambodia.

3 Common questions and answers regarding starting Muay Thai training at Harts.

Q: Do I need experience to start Muay Thai at Harts?  A: No. We specialize in helping beginners .

Q: Do I need to be in shape for muay thai training at Hart’s? A: No,we will assist you in your goals for health and fitness.

Q: Will I need my own gear to start muay thai with Harts? A: Yes!, You will only need hand wraps and gloves to start.

Coach Hart in Thailand Training and Coaching at World Champion Kem Sitsongpeenong gym. Kem Muay Thai Gym.

Coach Hart in Thailand Training and Coaching at Muay Thai World Champion Kem Sitsongpeenong gym. Kem Muay Thai Gym.

If you are interested in starting you muay thai training at Hart’s, please contact us today at HARTBJJ.COM and let us help you get to your health, fitness and training goals. 

Learn more about our muay thai kickboxing training here.

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