Why Limit Yourself to Tapping your Friends? When you can also help to Tap Cancer Out! 

To the outsider, jiu jitsu may seem like an individual’ martial art and sport, but without the team there is no success. Yes, jiu jitsu is an individual journey. Everyone starts at different times, learns at different paces, attends classes that meet the individual’s schedule. But despite all this, jiu jitsu is not an individual cause.  To be a good jiu jitsu player, you have to first be a good team player.  Here at Hart Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Boxing and MMA, we all know that.  We learn from the example of our coaches, and they prove that it is a team here.  As many of you know, there is upcoming local charity tournament. It is the trifecta of perfect circumstances.  One, it is local.  The Tap Cancer Out tournament is in Downingtown, PA.  A short 40 minute drive from Conshohocken.  Two, all the proceeds from the tournament go to the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network.  Three, we have several teammates competing in this great charity event/ tournament.

Why is this trifecta so awesome? It offers every member of Hart’s the opportunity to show their support for their teammates who are putting it all on the line to go out onto the mats and showcase their skills.  How?  Four simple ways.  First, team members you can go to the Hart’s FB group and donate money to help your teammates reach their fundraising goals.  Second, on October 22nd you can make the short trip to Downingtown and cheer for your teammates as they compete.  Third, and most importantly, you can show up to as many classes as possible between now and October 22nd to help your teammates prepare for battle.  Being a consistent and good training partner for your teammates as they draw near a tournament is incredibly important for their success.  You need to bring your “A-game” and be ready to work hard and push a tough pace to get them ready for competition speed.  That being said, as a teammate approaches a tournament his/her safety is first and foremost.  Your submission is NEVER more important than your training partner.  This is just amplified as a teammate prepares for a tournament.  The final way you can show your support for your teammates may sound silly, but it is INCREDIBLY important.  Show your confidence in them and smile.  Your teammates will be stressed as the competition date draws nearer.  Every time you step on the mat is a chance for you to help them remember why they love jiu jitsu and why they are competing.

So between now and October 22nd we non-competitors also have our work cut out for us.  We need to show support to our fellows who are showing their courage and kindness.  They are competing to help raise money and awareness for the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network.  In the words of Val Worthington, “Jiu jitsu can be a force for good.”  Demonstrate your goodness by donating to your teammates pages, coming out to support them and by bringing your “A-game” and smiles to every class!

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