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Kids MMA Classes in Conshohocken.

Hart’s is proud to introduce our new kids MMA classes . These classes will be added to our already vast kids BJJ and youth martial arts programs. Our kids mixed martial arts classes will start the same time as youth BJJ classes. MMA Classes are for 9 years old and up.

Our youth BJJ and MMA classes are safe, organized, and hardworking. But above all, a real approach to mixed martial arts training. Mini’s BJJ program at Harts enrolls children of 4 years old and up.

Hart’s will release our official kids mma start date via email, soon. Just Click the link below and contact us to reserve your child’s martial arts lessons and get updates. Our Instructors at Hart’s look forward to working with your family and child. We all want the best for our kids and their future. Thank you for all choosing and believing, that Harts is the best place for your child. (And for you Adults as well.)

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Learn Mixed Martial Arts at Harts?

Come introduce your child to a hardworking environment and join in on our BJJ program and Kids MMA classes. Your child will learn Grappling and Striking for mixed martial arts. Children will learn a mixture of Boxing, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Dutch kickboxing to work their stand up training. For grappling, your children will learn Wrestling, Judo and of course our primary art at Harts, Gracie Jiu Jitsu

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Rave Reviews with Hart’s JiuJitsu and MMA.

Hart’s is pleased to have heard so much positive feedback from all our parents. We are proud of your children. We appreciate everything parents! 🙂

Just some of the benefits their children have found with us include: Confidence, Self Control, Focus, Fitness, Self Respect and Respect for others.

Parents have spoken on their children achieving better grades, helping at home more, patience, willingness to work harder towards goals and much more.

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