At home Workout for the COVID-19 Closure: Hart Athletic Performance

At home Body Weight Circuit: Hart Athletic Performance

March 17, 2020

This one comes from Big Joe Schengrund!

CARDIO:  Interval Jog to Sprint at 30-45 Second for 8-12 sprints

outside or on the treadmill

Bodyweight Circuit 3-5 sets

Push Ups- elbow to knee variation 10-15 reps

Jump Triangles- 10-15 reps per leg

Kimura Sit Ups- 10-15 per side

Squat Jumps- 15-20

8 count body builder or Burpee- 8-10 total

Check out the short demo HERE! 

March 15, 2020

Hey guys, you have Coach Zach Richter to thank for this one!
Read through and make sure you understand the exercises before you start, some links are included below.
Two ways this body weight circuit can be performed.
1] Perform 5-8 rounds of this circuit (rest as needed)
2] Put 20-30 minutes on the clock and complete as many rounds of the circuit as you can
**Due to the restriction in the form of overall sets/rounds for option “1”, you can perform the exercises more “explosively”, whereas option 2 has a time restriction. You may still perform the exercises “explosively” in option 2 but you must ensure that you can maintain “work” during the 20-30 minutes.

A] Reverse lunge (one on each leg) to body weight squat = 1 Rep

      -Perform 8-10 before moving to next exercise

B] Pushup variation 8-15 reps.

      -Varitaions include Yoga Pushup, Shoulder tap pushup, or pushup to plank

C] Glute Bridge Variation – 8-12 reps

     -Vartions include: Traditional Glute Bridge, Glute Bridge Marches, Single leg Glute Bridges (so you would perform 8-12 reps/leg), or Glute bridge walkouts

D] Bent Scarecrow with Reach – 10-20 reps LINK

E] Deadbug 6-8 reps  LINK

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