COVID 19 Policy and Procedures Hart BJJ, Kickboxing and MMA

  • Members Only, until further notice, as we are complying with ordinances for recreational and amature sports in Pa.
  • Bay doors will be open  and fans will be running to help circulate fresh air, ceiling vent fans will remain on during operating hours
  • Members must be signed up and signed in to class in order to attend. New COVID 19 Waiver must be completed or on file. *Separate forms for each minor
  • Temperatures will be taken for each participant and anyone registering 100.4 or higher may not attend and must leave the facility.
  • Our occupancy is limited to 50% until further notice, maxing classes out at about 16-20 participants on average per class. 
  • Half hour gaps will be scheduled between classes for the mat to be cleaned. 
  • Changing rooms will be available one person at a time. Members will be encouraged to be ready for class upon arrival. 
  • Directional entrance and egress pathways will be enforced.  Entrance is now in the rear of the building.
  • No one is to enter the Office and only staff is allowed to enter the Conference Room which is currently being used for storage. 
  • Members should come prepared for class and limit or avoid bringing any belongings not necessary for class. 
  • Members are expected to attend class clean and wash or sanitize their hands before class. 
  • Strictly socially distant classes will be offered for BJJ Fitness/ Solo drills.
  • Muay Thai classes can be attended by both who want to social distance and those who have a battle buddy. 
  • Outdoor fitness will be available to all adult members.
  • Battle buddies are encouraged. Members are responsible for finding and maintaining them. 
  • Everyone will limit unnecessary physical contact with team mates, ie during instruction and warm ups.
  • Battle Units: Teams of 4-5 people can develop as we progress.
  • Adult members are encouraged to use a mask when not engaged in activity.
  • Participants will be instructed to leave when classes end.
  • RE: Kids Classes
    • Parent’s of the Mini’s may accompany their children into the mat area and social distance on the benches with their masks on.  No other children will be permitted to observe classes. 
    • Youth students will be dropped off. 
    • Parents can be battle buddies/ Waivers are required.
  • Any gear or equipment used during class will be cleaned promptly. 
  • Members will be encouraged to bring their own wipes.
  • Members are expected to avoid attending class if they or anyone in their home has been diagnosed with or are experiencing any symptoms related to COVID 19. 



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