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       Well, it is with a fair amount of excitement and a sprinkle of anxiety that we officially reopen.  Tim and I have spent the last month trying to reconfigure the operations at Hart BJJ and Boxing in Conshohocken to accommodate for the safety and security of our team.  We have a strong sense of gratitude for everyone who stayed engaged with us over the past few months and shared their time in the online classes and more recently as we slowly opened our doors and learned what our new state of operation will be.

I’m sure no one was surprised when Tim started live stream classes for Muay Thai and Jiu Jitsu on the first day of  the lockdown. Remember when that was going to two weeks?  Of course we were also met with much dedication from our coaches to stream interactive kids classes, team fitness, yoga and mindset discussions. The support was from the team was overwhelming. Trust me, we have used this time to reset and improve our gym to maximize space, air flow, logistics and safety.  We’re excited for you to see it but bare with us as we polish it up this week, it’s a work in progress.

Here’s what to expect and what we expect from you:

First of all, we are watching the numbers. Thankfully Montgomery County and Pa have had an aggressive approach and we will keep aware of how things are progressing locally.

Please as you know, there is an of the array of attitudes surrounding the pandemic, please be respectful of everyone’s personal concerns and keep the politics out of the academy.

We request that you be responsible outside our academy and truthful with your training partner about your escapades. Bars, boardwalks, cross training in other gyms, etc. and keep to your battle buddy who is comfortable with that. We will not allow “drop ins” at Harts as we always choose to reserve the mat space for our students and look to keep our staff and team’s overall health, education, training and culture the top priorities, as always.

Get a read on the person you’re approaching and be careful not to go in for the hug and get met with a strong teep to the sternum. Unnecessary physical contact should be avoided. 😉

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Strictly social distancing classes will be BJJ Solo Drills and Outdoor Fitness Classes, Muay Thai will also allow individuals to avoid contact direct contact with others.

We will expand the schedule as it demands. Opening requires more staff than before and we’re being patient and understanding, of what our staff is comfortable with.

Limited occupancy means limited class sizes, please sign up for classes online.

The lobby and the kids room are not accessible, that includes the rest room in the lobby.

Participants should arrive ready to train, access to the changing rooms is limited.

Kids classes will be combined ages and held as an in-person Zoom format until further notice to ease our staff back into simultaneously hosting live and streamed classes.

Minis can have their parent in the classroom in a mask, youth parents should drop their child off and picked up immediately at the end of their 45 minute class.

All Jiu Jitsu classes will be No Gi for summer.

Be on your way when class is over, we have a lot of cleaning to do. Please catch up with one another outside and out of the way of our after class operations.

Please contact us with any personal concerns about what might be best for you.

More outdoor fitness classes to come!

Read more about our COVID 19 Policies CLICK HERE!

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