Update on Kids Classes at Hart BJJ in Conshohocken

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        Thank you to everyone who has been in support of our academy and our martial arts programs, both in person and distance learning online. It’s been great having the kids back in our martial arts academy together and working hard. As we approach the fall, please be aware of a few things.  Remember not to send anyone in to attend classes if someone in your household is sick or has come into contact with a confirmed case of COVID 19. Please wear a mask at check in and sanitize your hands before and after class.

While many of our students are attending public schools virtually for some length of time, some are back in the classroom full time. We understand if your assessment of safety changes, we will continue to offer distance learning online via Zoom during class times so your child can still participate.  Additionally if you would like your child to remain socially distant in the class, use only a parent or sibling in class, they may do so. If you are comfortable having your child paired up with another student by the coaches, you will need to let us know verbally or in an email.

Due to the expanding class size we will be splitting the classes up as needed on our two mat areas. Sometimes due to age/size or possible due to those solo drilling vs partner drilling and in some cases skill level.

If you have not done so, please sign your kids up for class using the MINDBODY app prior to arrival. Separate waivers for each child will need to be filled out before class. Moving forward only parents of children ages 4-7 will be allowed to spectate classes (or preferably watch online).

Gi uniforms will be required as of September 21nd. If your child needs a uniform, please email us their height and weight and Hart’s can place an order for your child’s uniform. You can pay for the uniform, when it arrives at Hart’s academy. Please have your child or children changed into their uniforms prior to arrival to limit the need for the usage of Hart’s changing rooms.


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