Hart BJJ and MMA COVID-19 Update

As many of you know, the COVID-19 cases in Montgomery County are again on the rise. Coupled with the upcoming holiday season we want to touch base about what to expect and what we expect from you. Everyone is a little more likely to have potential contact with a positive COVID case. Should this happen to you or a member of your household, we expect you to take the necessary steps to get a test and/or refrain from attending classes for the recommended 14 days.

We will continue to check temps at the front desk. You must wear a mask. Please do not admit yourself to the building without being checked in. All Members should be using the entrance in the rear of the building. The side entrance, as marked, is for employees only.

As a matter of transparency, we would like you to know that we, The Hart Family, will not be traveling or having any family gatherings over the holiday.

Until further notice… Battle Buddies is back!

Kids Members will be encouraged to work with their sibling or parent during classes or, in some cases, a neighbor/playmate that they regularly spend time with.

Adult Members should work with someone who shares their dwelling or a designated battle buddy. This is your responsibility, if you’re having trouble finding someone to arrange your training with, we’d be glad to help. Keep in mind it is possible to take BJJ Solo drills classes as well as socially distance in Adult Muay Thai classes.

Signing up for classes prior to arrival will be necessary as the colder weather decreases the open air atmosphere we’ve enjoyed since June. Spectators will not be allowed with the exception of parents/guardians of Mini’s. Kids room access is now reserved for the kids of our staff members and should be kept to a minimum.

As of now we expect to reconsider the schedule in the coming days and we will announce any changes. We expect also to go virtual for a period of time following Thanksgiving. Stay tuned for announcements.

We will continue to offer online distance learning via our Zoom Meetings for Kids Martial Arts, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, Fitness and Yoga. Please see the link below for meeting ID’s. No need to sign up online for distance classes.

*passwords have not changed, contact us if you need to.

Hart Recurring Zoom Classes

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