Kids BJJ Promotions at Hart BJJ

Saturday May 21, 2022

**Youth Start Time 9 am

Mini’s Start Time 10 am

Congratulations to these Youth Students on their


Grey-White Belts

Maddox, Sophia, Astrid, Leia, Bo, Avery and Annie

Grey Belts

Huntley and Korra

Grey-Black Belt





Can’t Make it on May 21? No worries, if your child is up for Promotions we can celebrate with them during a class they are able to attend.

Not getting promoted? Students are encouraged to attend anyway and support their team and training partners.

Parents, wondering how you can help prepare? You can talk about Jiu Jitsu with your kids at home and help them manage their expectations. Be encouraging but refrain from adding any pressure.

Also, make sure the kids eat a healthy breakfast and drink a few glasses of water the night before and the morning of promotions.

Who is welcome to attend? Promotions are exciting and

families are welcome to watch, however space is limited and seating is not necessarily available for everyone. Please try and limit attendance of grand parents and siblings to those students who are receiving belts.

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