Conshohocken Kids Jiu Jitsu Promotions at Hart BJJ

Saturday May 20, 2023!

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We are happy to announce that our next kids Jiu Jitsu promotion day is coming up quickly!

Minis Promotions: 10-11 am. 

What to expect: the Minis Jiu Jitsu will begin on mat 2 with warm ups and technique demonstration before joining the youth on mat 1 to receive their promotion. Please arrive 5-10 minutes early so that we can begin promptly.  All of our minis have been working extremely hard, please help your child manage expectations, not every child gets promoted at each event however we expect them to come support the team.

Congratulations on earning your Degree(s)!

Krish, JoJo, James, Ellis, Claire, Safina, Fritz, Alex, Connor, Natalie, Zach, Olivia,

Sean, Sam, Jack, Luca, Matthias, Ameerah, Aariz, Joseph, Peter

Youth Promotions: 9-11 am

Youth Jiu Jitsu Promotions will be more intense than a regular class. Higher belts should be ready to run the warm ups. After the warm ups, students will demonstrate certain techniques in front of the instructors and the families in attendance. Next, everyone’s favorite part, sparring! This portion of promotions is incredibly more rigorous but fun for our students. We try to push their limits before awarding the degrees and belts.

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Parents, please help your children prepare by encouraging them to work hard and support their teammates whether they are getting promoted or not.

Please help the kids by keeping them hydrated in the days leading up to Promotions. Feel free to bring a healthy snack (no tree nuts) and don’t forget their water bottle.



Yellow-Black: Chase and Logan

Yellow-White: Finn and Xavier

Grey-Black: Kylie and Enzo

Grey-White: Ryan, Ruslan, Jah’leem, Andrew L

Congratulations on earning your Degree(s)!

Godie, Quinn, Brooklyn, Caydi, Bryn, Rowan, Lucy, Aiden, Ben, Korra, Huntley, Felix, Bo, Leia, Dexter, Sophia, Brian, Amari, Dalton, Baran, Franky, Karl, Ava, Ellie, Stephen, Irene, Jason, Pierce, Lyon, Emmie, Neel, Max, Alex, Gigi, Lexi, Leyf, Kaylee, Ava, Ilaria, Sadie, Charles, Crawford, Braelyn, Henna, Jacob.

(If we have misspelled your child’s name by accident, please contact us back asap and we will correct it!)

BJJ near me, MMA near me, Conshohocken

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