Kids BJJ Promotion Day Saturday October 7

Start Times:

Youth Promotions 9 am

Minis Promotions 10 am

End time: 11-11:30 (?)

We are having our fall promotions a little earlier this year and plan to have 3 total over the next 12 months. This means we will look to promote others during the winter and early summer.

These days are always special and it is important to support your team mates whether you’re receiving a promotion this round or not. Many kids are just getting back to being consistent since the summer ended, please join us any way.

Parents and families are welcome to attend. The hard work happens first and the promotion ceremony will be closer to the end, 10:45 or so. It can be a long morning, small children who are not participants are welcome but must be supervised and may not run around on the mats or other areas in the gym. Please plan accordingly.

Congratulations to our members receiving new belts!

Bryn, Caydi, Lucy, Rowan, Aiden, Ben, Korra, Huntley, Brian, Dexter, Neel, Stephen, Irene, Krish, James, Clair, Safina and Fritz!

Congratulations to our members receiving degrees!

Godie (we owe you one from last time), Quinn, Brooklyn, Logan, Finn, Xavi, Enzo, Leia, Bo, Amari, Dalton, Franky, Keelen, Ryan, Ruslan, Jah’leem, Andrew L, JoJo, Alex K, Andrew K, Lyon, Lyfe, Ilaria, Kylee, Jason, Ellis, Olivia, Sean, Jack, Luca, Matthias, Joseph, Peter, Maryam, Aryia, Rebecca, Autumn, Jackson, Kora, Will!

Reminders! Eat a good breakfast! This list may or may not be final. You can bring snacks just please don’t bring tree nuts. Make sure you note the early start time for Youth! If you come at 10, you’ll have to wait for another day to be promoted.



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